Phone accessory for ball sports

  • Video recording and one-click streaming
  • Electronic Umpiring
  • Stats analysis, score keeper
  • Auto cameraman: "follow the action"
  • Sport team management and AI coaching

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Follow the action!

Don't bother holding your phone to film. The autocamera follows the action for you.

Electronic umpiring

Green/red light and beep signal ball in or out.

Full compatibility

Works with any phone or tablet on any tripod.

Long battery life

The device can last 3+ hours and recharges quickly.

Easy setup

The device pairs automatically without the hassle of pin code.

Assembled in USA

Support local manufacturing: final assembly of the device is done in USA.

One-click streaming

Stream video in just one-click. Works with any browser.

Stats & Score

Analyze your stats, record your scores.

AI Coaching

Improve your game with AI-based recommendations.

Team management

Manage your team with schedule, reminders, chat, stats and videos.

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